A Clothing Rant

I have decided that I despise modern clothing in general.

But really, I wish people would wear more conservative clothing with layers and lace and ribbons and overcoats and bloomers and all sorts of fun pretty little additions. Because modern clothing bores me. I look around and nothing catches my eye. T-shirt. Shorts. Tank top. Crop-top. Jeans. I went to an amusement park the other day and I swear I was the only one not wearing booty shorts and a cropped shirt. I don’t think I necessarily want to see everybody’s everything. I don’t want to know what your legs look like. I don’t want to know what your chest looks like. Save that for my imagination. I mean, I just don’t think modern clothing is attractive. It’s not enticing—there’s nothing I want or need to know about you if I can see all of you. If I know what you look like from thighs to feet, what do I care for what little of you is hidden under those shorts? If I know what your chest looks like save for a tiny section, what do I care for that tiny section? I want to peel away the layers and find out more and more on my own, not have your entire body thrown at me the moment I meet you. I want to be curious and find out slowly. If I know everything at once, I won’t care. If a book told you everything in the first few pages, there would be no book to read. If a movie spoiled everything in the preview, nobody would go see it. I don’t want you to show me, I want to find out.

I guess I’m just weird like that.

[Posted July 24th, 2012 at 2:34 PM]
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